Nicky Romero at Ten Nightclub, March 25, 2012

matt Oliver/OC Weekly
Nicky Romero
Ten Nightclub
March 25, 2012

Coming straight from the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Dutchman Nicky Romero acknowledged the crowd by saying, "If you missed Ultra, here is your chance to live it!" when he took over Ten Nightclub in Newport Beach. Romero has been a drummer since he was six, sp you can hear the heavy drum influence in his set through tracks like " Toulouse" and "Keyword." Ten filled up early to see what Romero had to offer, and from the looks of the crowd's response, he was phenomenal. The wild girls showed their faces when Nicky Romero opened with his mix of " Wild Ones." Sia's vocals, the blue and purple searchlights and the crowd chanting the chorus set the tone for the night. As the night progressed the Newport crowd showed that there was no force stopping them from being close to Romero in the overplayed Calvin Harris song, "Feel So Close."

Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

As the extremely mainstream set continued, love filled the air as David Guetta and Usher's track, "Without You" filled the floor with happy feet and the LED wall with matrix-like effects. The wall to wall LED lighting displayed around the dance floor gave the room an electric feel--perfect for capturing the essence of the moment. Ten may be small for a night club, but the the heavily drum-influenced set felt right for a Sunday night to kick off a week of spring break.

Carbon dioxide filled the air as the crowd  danced the night away to Afrojack and Shermanology's "Can't Stop Me." Romero brought on a minute of silence for the crowd to sing, "If this was the last dance of the the night /will you join me till the morning light/ Dance the night away cause it feels right/ You can't stop me now" before he brought the song back with a reprise. The dance party erupted once again, when the the hard bass kicked in. Ten showed their patriotic spirit by threw out red, white and blue glow sticks for the crowd to rage with. The alcohol kept flowing as identity call  girls had a constant flow of flaming bottles swarming the VIP tables.

Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

The crowd was jumping in praise, when Romero spun the "Toulouse vs. Crush On You" mash up. The crowd was so crazy that they knocked over the red velvet ropes attached to poles. Newport got their Sia fix last night as "Titanium" got the crowd shouting. Romero had a clean transition from an electro version of Skrillex's "Breakin' A Sweat" into a relentless jump happy mix of Nero's "Promises." During this stretch in the set, the crowd danced for their life as the walls displayed pure madness with twitching colors from red, to blue and orange.With a shocker, Romero finished the night off with the played-out club hit  "Cinema" Skrillex remix--which the crowd  certainly liked. Finishing his set off with a a dubstep track felt out of place and did not go with the flow, but it did seem like something out of a movie. A Sunday night in Newport, Nicky Romero and people partying hard till 2 a.m. You can't complain.

Though Nicky Romero had the crowd raging with no remorse all night, his set sound like an EDM Top 40 mix. Understandably, as a performer you have to reach your audience, but I don't feel that the crowd got a true Nicky Romero experience. You can hear "Save The World", "Feel So Close", We Are You Friend", "Promises" and "Cinema" on any club night. However, it being a Sunday night and and tight packed intimate setting made this night unforgettable.

Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Critics Bias I walked into Ten expecting to see Nicky Romero play a hard tech house set. I am disappointed that he relapsed into a Top 40 EDM set, yet It still was a really good performance.

The Crowd By far the best looking crowd I have seen at a club. Dimes all the way around.

Overheard In the Crowd "I don't like how he's playing mainstream songs." 

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