Lit to Release New Album ... And Tour With Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground

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Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly
Lit at the House of Blues last year
You knew this wasn't going to slip by our radar undetected.  You also read the headline correctly--'90s alt-band Lit will be releasing a new album--the first since their self-titled 2004 LP.  According to a press release, their latest effort, The View from the Bottom, will be out June 9th via Megaforce Records. In addition to a summer tour featuring ...wait for it...Sugar Ray, the Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground (yes!),  the new album is said to feature "the unmistakable sound of a great rock band getting on with it." 
The number one question on our minds? Doesn't guitarist and Slidebar Rock and Roll Kitchen owner Jeremy Popoff make enough money supplying the customers of downtown Fullerton with scwhilly booze to pass on supplying the music customers of the world with scwhilly rock music?

Follow up question: Does the band have a burning desire to revisit such pithy guitar chuggery as "My Own Worst Enemy," or are they so hard up for money that they're willing to make listeners everywhere completely miserable?  And what's with all the lameola bands of the 1990s joining forces to prey on 30somethings misguided nostalgia? I mean, there's a reason these bands stopped being popular. It's 'cause they sucked.

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Those that  can do, those who cant sit behind a computer and bitterly write about it. The first post is right, you are a dick.   If you were a local writer and ripped a successful hometown band like that here in Boston, you would need a special program that allowed you to type by blinking  your eyes because your hands would be quickly be rendered useless  after it was published.   Go have a good cry in your shirley temple that you had to buy yourself. 

Rock Singer
Rock Singer

Hey, as a former musician that actually made alot of money doing it, don't beat on LIT for doing what they love to do. I toured with the Blossoms, and we played to tons of people every night that were having a blast,so there is definitely a market out there for this bill. If people want to go check out these bands, that's up to them, not you a-holes posting jealous crap here. Playing in a real rock band is awesome, you all are just too jealous to admit it. You would tour again too if you had as much fun as real bands do...


Oh Ferguson and your bad blood with Jeremy...It's so sad that you think that ANYONE who has any sanity at all would agree with any of the complete BS you spew out. And as if we all don't know that "GEE" is just you with a fake account trying to fool us all (although I give you props for trying). Everybody knows Lit and their fans are real, strong and united...And as for mother always said; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all! Have a nice day! ;-)


Wow. Lit is one of the worst bands ever. I think their only "fans" are the skeezers they get boozed up for free at Slidebar.

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