Le Castle Vania at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, Mar. 7, 2012

Matt Oliver
Le Castle Vania
Yost Theater, Santa Ana
Mar. 7, 2012

Le Castle Vania invaded the Yost Theater in Santa Ana last night with an aggressive mix of electro tunes and rocking energy. The guys at INTOTHEAM put on this Wednesday night party as a part of a series of shows this month which includes Brodinski and Adventure Club in the following weeks. "We love working with the Yost Theater," said Robert James the INTOTHEAM founder. "It gives us a chance to give our 18+ crowd a real show with top notch production and lighting."


I'm personally not the biggest fan of 18+ events, but when the music is right and we are all there for the same cause, age doesn't matter. DirtyRock opened the night with a mix of electro house tunes that had everyone dancing along. He even played an original track with Candyland called "4loko," a drink known in the party circuit for getting you hammered before even getting into an event. The song seemed fitting as there were plenty of young PLUR-friendly ragers in the crowd dressed in plushy hats and raver lights who were partying in true 4loko fashion.

Matt Oliver

Once Le Castle Vania got on stage around 12:15 a.m., he got on the mic and yelled, "I heard 

Orange County likes to party! If this is true, I want everyone to get crazy jumping up and down with me as this song drops." The crowd was ready armed with glow sticks in hand and enough energy to fill the Yost's massive dance floor. Crazy laser light shows, go-go dancers dressed in black wings and a massive LED wall behind the DJ booth which changed with each beat added to the already stimulating show Le Castle Vania was putting on.

At one point Dylan Eiland, aka Le Castle Vania, channeled his inner Daft Punk as he jumped on the DJ table with Thomas-like visor glasses as he played a remix of "Around the World." The dance party continued strong everywhere from backstage, in the crowd and in the upstairs bottle service area. Everywhere you looked fans were getting down to Le Castle Vania's massive sound. Even Party Panda made a cameo in the DJ booth dancing like a mad man and shuffling on stage to "Nobody Gets Out Alive."

Matt Oliver

With Kaskade remixes like "Turn it Down," fog machines blasting and confetti everywhere the Yost Theater was pure madness for a while until the sound went out towards the end. I'd like to say it was because Dylan was playing some of the hardest music the Yost Theater has ever heard (that's what it felt like at least), but apparently DirtyRock spilled beer on the turntables during his set and it caused some kind of shortage. Shame because it was right in the intro of my favorite Knife Party song "Internet Friends." I thought he was recovering fine playing what we thought was going to be one last banging song, but it was cut short due to the technical difficulties. Some people left disappointed while the rest of us understood shit happens and there will be plenty of other shows to see him!

Matt Oliver

Critic's Bias: It's always a fun night when you end up wearing a Party Panda head while dancing on stage, but it looked like everyone else was having a blast too.

Overheard in the Crowd: Kept hearing "Le Castle Vania is killing it" all night long. He did go pretty hard... my feet still hurt from all the dancing.

Random Notebook Dump: Though I love doing Jedi techno tricks and watching the dancers throw foamy glow sticks into the crowd, I wish they'd come up with something new for us to play with. It's getting kind of old.

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The Yost Theater

307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA

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