Jim Belushi Talks Chicago Cubs, Second City and His Love For Tupac

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Jim Belushi has earned his well-deserved status of being a household name. With a career that has spanned longer than some of our lives, his resume include movies, TV, kick ass music, and brilliant sketch comedy.

Jim is more than well rounded--he's a legend. And if there was ever a time or a venue to catch this jack-of-all trades, it's this Friday and Saturday at the Irvine Improv.

Jim and the Chicago Board of Improv are bringing some hilarious off the cuff comedy to the Improv and if you miss it, you'll really be missing out!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Do you have a Twitter? @JimAdamBelushi says it is your official account and they just started tweeting on Feb 19th.

Jim Belushi: Nope! It would be James Adam Belushi. What are they saying? I'll have to check it out.

Believe me it's nothing too exciting so I am glad it's not you! I know you're a Chicago sports guy so, White Sox or Cubs?

Cubs, Cubs, Cubs! I went to a Chicago event last night where Tom Ricketts, the new owner of the Cubs, was given an award. Man of the Year. I got to talk to him about what's happening this year. I'm really excited about this year. They got this new guy and hopefully they'll bring the World Series to Chicago! I go to a lot of Dodger games too.

You watch the Dodger's play when they play anyone or just when they play your team?

Well when they play the Cubs especially but I do go. My children were born here so they are you know, Dodger fans. I just assumed they'd be Cubs fans but no, they're L.A. kids.

That must be tough.

You know, it's heart breaking. Heart...breaking. I had an influence on them this year though, I took them to a Cubs game. My daughter Jami sang the National Anthem. She's got a beautiful voice. Then I sang the 7th inning stretch with my son Jared. So, I'm really trying to work the Cub thing on them.

Awww! What a proud moment for you! The kids liking the Cubs would make a proud moment prouder. What is your first memory of comedy?

Oh yeah. It was gorgeous. I was brought to tears. The most impressive memory of comedy that I have was the first time I went to Second City at 16. I saw my brother John in this magical theatre of improvisation and spontaneity. It was beautiful and in that moment I said, this is what I want to do.

I went to Chicago once and checked out Second City and it was awesome. We don't have anything like that here.

Right? We will recreate it this weekend. There will be five of us. It will be me, my son Robert, Jon Barinholtz, and Brad Morris who was a neighbor of mine that grew up with Robert as young boys. He ended up at Second City and is a very prolific actor now. Also a beautiful girl named Megan. This is not a stand-up act. This is five of us taking suggestions from the audience and making up stuff on the spot! It's very interactive. We even bring people on the stage. It'll be really fun.

I love that! Also I used to love a show called Pinky and the Brain. I had no idea that you did voices for that! Do you enjoy voiceovers?

I've done a lot of voiceovers. Oh it is so fun!

I can't tell if you are being sarcastic.

No it is a ball! You just walk into a booth and it just exercises a whole different imagination because it's just a voice and you create these things in your mind. You can get really big with your performance because nothing is too big with animation you know. It's a ball!

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