Jessica Simpson Pulls a Demi Moore, Poses Naked and Pregnant for Elle Cover

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jessica simpson pregnant elle cover.jpg
April's ELLE magazine has former teen dream Jessica Simpson, 31, posing pregnant and naked on its cover. Simpson and fiance former NFL pro Eric Johnson are going to have a girl, the magazine revealed.

It's another sad copy of the iconic Demi Moore cover from 1991. Moore's cover of Vanity Fair, when she was pregnant with daughter Scout LaRue, was shot by Annie Leibowitz. It's been parodied many times, but the most notable parody involved Paramount Pictures and Leslie Nielsen, who used it the pose to promote Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. Leibowitz filed a copyright infringement case against the movie studio, but it was deemed by the courts to be fair use.

Fair use or not, are we all so fresh out of ideas that poses of pregnant and naked ladies are going to be used again and again? After the jump, a few other celebrities in maternity poses on magazine covers.

The spoof
Claudia Schiffer doing pretty much the same thing
claudia schiffer.jpg
Even Britney did the former teen star as pregnant bit
britney naked bazaar cover pregnant.jpg
Cindy Crawford's is the second most classy pregnant and naked magazine cover image
cindy crawford.jpg

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