Porn Star Jenna Haze Dating Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato (!)

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It's not often we here at the Heard Mentality blog write about iconic porn stars, but occasionally the worlds of the flesh merchant, and rock star collide in the land of citrus. Put simply, we spied with our little eye an Instagram photo of porn icon Jenna Haze canoodling with rumored beau and Dillinger Escape Plan front man Greg Puciato

For those of you not familiar with DEP, they play a hyper-aggressive style of metal, or mathcore if you prefer, which sees Puciato risking life and limb to take the live performance to new heights. If you get a chance, check out the 2002 EP Irony is a Dead Scene, a delightfully screechy collection of tunes featuring  former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton on vocals. Definitely check out this clip of Puciato hanging from the rafters at a gig in Tennessee after the jump.

And for those of you not familiar with such movie titles as Evil Anal 2 and Pretty as they Cum, Jenna Haze is among the most recognizable actresses in modern porn. Born in Orange County, she reportedly attended Sonora High School in La Habra, (Go Raiders.) 

Before seeing the online snap with our own two peepers, we were unaware of this love connection, but Puciato's Wikipedia page references the relationship. As for how serious things are, the page states that the "length of the relationship is unclear." In any event, we're a fan of both their work and wish them the best of luck. 

For those of you who feel this is old news, we welcome your vitriolic comments.

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