Fearless To Reissue Special Edition of At The Drive In's EP Vaya For Coachella


Fearless Records is producing a limited edition yellow 10" vinyl version of At The Drive-In's seminal 1999 EP Vaya, but only at Coachella! Whaaa! The record will be available at Zia Record's pop up shop and the Coachella boutique, and it is the first pressing of Vaya  in 12 years. ("Rascuache" and "198d" are in Vaya.)

Only 500 copies will be available, and only 250 will be sold each weekend. The release marks At the Drive In's first live appearance since they announced their hiatus in 2001.

Apparently another limited pressing of 10" vinyl copies of Vaya will also be available in record stores nationwide and online from June 5, but we have to wait and see whether those will be as special as the Coachella edition. 

How did this happen? Bob Becker, Fearless owner, explains: "Steve Duncan from Zia approached us about doing a limited (Coachella only) edition of Vaya vinyl. I thought it was a great idea. We always do things according to the band's wishes, as they are understandably cautious about what they want in the market place, but the loved the idea as well.
We are excited to be working on the release with the band, it's pretty special as it's the first pressing of this great record in 12 years, so it should definitely make fans happy. "

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