Five Commercials Ruined by Dubstep

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Everyone knows the perfect music can make or break a commercial. (See Embrace Life, Dead Island and The Amazon Kindle.) But when companies are oh-so-obviously asking, "What are the kids listening to today?" and using what ever's trendy to impress their intended audience, then something is wrong. For example...

5. Far Cry 3
The new Far Cry 3 trailer, released about a week ago, starts off pretty badly. There's a "we're on a boat" reference, clips of the main character partying and taking shots. But once the bass drops at 1:40? I literally threw my hands up in the air and walked away from my computer in disgust. Ad agencies, take note: Not everything is made better by extra wubbage.

What could have been an interesting commercial (the graphics and atmosphere were all there) that people were looking forward instead ended up as formulaic pop culture schlock with misplaced music.

Sure, die-hard fans will still play the new Far Cry...but we doubt that the new trailer will draw new gamers in. 

4. Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame
Someone decided that Detective Dee needed a new trailer when they were repackaging it for digital distribution in 2011. What was wrong with the original one? Absolutely nothing. Sure, it wasn't in English. But it was dark, serious and, most importantly, interesting. People died, characters visited the underworld, gender roles were being challenged. There was even creepy multi-armed demons of some sort.

What was wrong with the new one?

Well, at 1:38 Detective Dee kicks a deer (who suspiciously sounds like a goat) in the face. He kicks a deer in the face. That's not even taking into account the bass drop at 1:15, which might be the best example of a copy and pasted sound track that I've ever seen.

3. Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper
"Hey you! Guy with the dirty looking hair, going out to a bar only wearing jeans and a grimy white tee. You know how the rest of the place is really chill right now? You should yell a lot because SoCo tastes good, tabasco is super spicy (it's not super spicy.) and you listen to dubstep."

That's a good idea for a commercial, right?

2. GoPro HD
This is the commercial that introduced a lot of my parents friends to Skrillex for the first time when it was played during the Super Bowl this year.

As great as Scary Monster and Nice Sprites is, the noise from rapids would have been much more epic. Bass drops can be pretty intense but more intense than a drop in the river? Not even close.

1. Weetabix Chocolate Cereal
Wait, I change my mind. Do they sell Weetabix in America?

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FYI.. the music in the GoPro commercial is NOT Dubstep in the first place.. =__=


People don't have to like Dubstep, and that's fine.  But if you're going to critique it, at least know what IS Dubstep and what ISN'T.  If you don't like Dubstep, don't listen to it, complaining about it and calling it crap is just trolling in my opinion.  To get a rise out of those who are die hard Dubstep fans.  I'm not a die hard fan, but I do like some Dubstep.  Dubstep isn't "just a bunch of DJs" like one person suggested, many artists sing as well.  Like, Oh,  I don't know.. Alex Clare... for ^__^


I don't spend my time criticizing music I dislike.. I do the logical thing, the rational thing.. I just don't effin' listen to it... lol!


Kurius, you said everything that needed to be said here.  I will still add that Charles you are a pretentious toolbox for thinking your opinions are remotely viable. moron, DJ's are musicians because they make music.  Just because they don't play an instrument and you don't like the music they produce doesn't mean a damn thing.  Charles and Scooby.....You Fail!


Who the fuck cares. Hey Charles lam why are u worried about this. Write about something interesting. Not some dumb opinionated article. Write something that will interest more people. Hey scooby snacks shut the fuck up and make music if you're not happy.


Haha- no they don't sell weetabix exp in special stores and I miss that shit


Link us to some of the music you've produced Scooby. Would love to hear it.


Dub step is sh*t. So sick of "dj"s acting like they are muscians.......

Bill T.
Bill T.

"Made with genuwine Tabaso Sauce", what a selling point, what, since there aren't any better hot sauces out there. Or at least none that require the hyper advertising to convince people they want to buy it. Or something.

If you're from Ohio you might consider it spicy.


Yes, they do, I buy Weetabix all the time, and I live in the US.  A lot of stores carry it.  O__O

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