Dr. Dre To Produce A Film and 5 Other Rappers To Work In Film

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Though this isn't his first rodeo in film (he's acted before), legendary hip-hop impresario Dr. Dre will be a producer on the upcoming horror/thriller film, Thaw. How this affects his Chinese Democracy-esque album Detox remains to be seen, but in the interim, this is likely to be the latest project from the former N.W.A. founder. That being said, here are some other hip-hop artists who crossed over from music into film.
5. Mos Def - Unlike others on this list, Mos has been acting since he was a teenager. Appearing in commercials, TV programs and features, he's taken on roles from all across the board. Whether it were NYPD Blue to Dexter to The Italian Job to Yo! Gabba Gabba, Mos has proven he can handle any role regardless of genre.
4. RZA - Having been acting since the early 2000s, the Wu Tang Clan member has established himself as one of the better rappers-come-actors. Having been in films varying from Coffee and Cigarettes and Due Date, to TV programs like Chappelle's Show to Californication, RZA has the versatility and chops that have helped make the transition from behind the mic to behind the camera.
3. Eminem - 8 Mile alone puts Slim Shady on this list. Putting in a riveting, gritty performance, the Detroit rapper can be serious as he was in the aforementioned film, or funny as he proved in his cameo in Funny People. With more film projects on the way, it will be interesting to see what he has in store next.
2. LL Cool J - It would have sounded crazy 20 years ago, but it's possible that LL is more known with crowds for his exploits on NCIS: Los Angeles than for "Mama Said Knock You Out." Though he's been acting since his career launched in the '80s, he's more likely to win an award for his work on the small or big screen than a Grammy.

1. Tupac Shakur - Before he died in 1996, Tupac was on the fast track to become the first gargantuan crossover stars. Known for his magnetic portrayals and incredible range, the late rapper was well on his path to acting glory. If you watch films like Juice or Poetic Justice, you can see how good he was in his limited appearance in feature films.

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