Have You Seen These Tools? Photos Of Creme Tangerine Records Burglars Released

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Miguel Vasconcellos
Happier Days at Creme Tangerine Records

Creme Tangerine Records
in Costa Mesa suffered a second break-in in two months on March 5. The most recent robbery involved two men who broke into the vintage trailer-turned-record store at the LAB Anti Mall in front Urban Outfitters, as well as another shop, according to Creme Tangerine Records' Facebook. They did not report what was stolen or damaged.

Creme Tangerine Records released two images from a nearby surveillance camera showing two men who appear to be wearing sunglasses and hats, walking away from the record store at 3:45 a.m. on March 5. 
Creme Tangerine Records Robber
Courtesy of Facebook
Asshole 1
Do you recognize this ugly coat? 

Courtesy of Facebook
Asshole #2
Creme Tangerine Records was previously broken into on January 10, losing cash from the register and a window. The incident caused the owner to install interior surveillance cameras, bar their window and, of course, not leave cash in the register.

If you have any information on either of these robberies, contact the Costa Mesa police department at (714) 754-5255.

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