Alice Bag is Back! 'Violence Girl' Book Tour Stops Saturday in SanTana

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Alice Bag, the inimitable former front woman for early LA punk band The Bags, is back in OC this weekend for another book signing/singing event. Her impressive memoir, 'Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story' released in the fall of last year, is a compelling read that details her difficult childhood, ascent to the stage and beyond.

The singer and author first came to TKO Records in Fountain Valley in October to offer selected readings from the book with acoustic songs spliced in between. Bag, whose real name is Alicia Vasquez, returned to Orange's Moonlight Graham in January to promote 'Violence Girl' and hung out with fellow female punk pioneer and the Weekly's own new columnist Exene Cervenka afterward!

If you missed both appearances, fret not. This Saturday, the legendary punk brings her books and a backing band to Calacas in downtown SanTana. Don't let all that Dallas Raines talk about wet weather this weekend influence your plans. I mean, how many opportunities do you have to hear "Babylonian Gorgon" performed live with the original singer on the mic? Mother nature may bring the rain, but Alice Bag will bring the thunder!

Alice Bag sings and signs copies of 'Violence Girl' at Calacas 324 W. 4th St. #B, Santa Ana. Sat. 6-8 p.m. Free. All Ages.

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