Warped Tour to Stop at Irvine This Year

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Vans Warped Tour is doing OC locals a favor this year; it's making a stop at Irvin on June 21, a day before its Pomona show. Unlike previous years, they're lumping all the SoCal dates together instead of looping around and coming back towards the end of the tour; the tour's Ventura date is on June 24; San Diego is on June 27. You can sign up and register for presale tickets that will be sold on March 30. The lineup--consisting of 44 bands so far--is listed after the jump.

Full Lineup (so far!):
A Loss For Words
After The Burial
Chelsea Grin
Dead Sara
Echo Movement
Every Time I Die
For Today
Funeral Party
Hyro Da Hero
I Am The Avalanche
I Fight Dragons
Impending Doom
It Boys!
Living With Lions
Lost In Society
Machine Gun Kelly
Make Do And Mend
Man Overboard
Mayday Parade
Memphis May Fire
Mighty Mongo
Polar Bear Club
Rise To Remain
Senses Fail
Sick Of Sarah
Skip The Foreplay
Sleeping With Sirens
Super Water Sympathy
T. Mills
The Constellations
The Ghost Inside
The Green
The Silver Comet
Title Fight
Tomorrow's Bad Seeds
Tonight Alive
Twin Atlantic
Vampires Everywhere!

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OC Dude
OC Dude

Wow, at 29 I'm old.  I went to the Warped in high school and I don't recognize a single band on this bill.


this line-up sucks.


Dude... I went to the first one in 95 and was 20ish...  and saw a really kick ass lineup.  Most notably Sublime.  I'm glad you said that because I was looking at the lineup and was just thinking damn I'm getting old!


I hear you!! I'm 33, I do know I think 2 of the bands but that is it!! What happened to the good old days with like face to face, nofx, rancid etc!! Bummed was hoping it would be good!

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