TyDi Talks Love Groove and Why He Wants to Come to Orange County

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tyDi has taken the world by storm with his album Shooting Stars. We chatted with the 24-year-old from down under who describes himself as a "songwriter, producer, engineer, musician, radio host and all-round music freak who likes to travel the world and perform loud crazy electronic music events to thousands party people" about headlining Love Groove this upcoming weekend and his career so far. 
OC Weekly: Your music is not a traditional EDM sound. What do you call your type of music?

TyDi: I'm not sure how to describe my style because I could write an essay on it. Instead, I'd just encourage you to listen to my album Shooting Stars. My music is always very melodic, it's powerful and emotive. Some of my songs have big catchy lyrics. Others are more dark and ambient movie soundtrack type pieces.

Who are your influences?

My influence and inspiration comes from everywhere. I've always been into music since I could walk, and I've listened to everything. There's new artists every day who inspire me.

What was your reaction when Armada Music asked to sign you?

I think I was 16 when Armada first signed me, it was one of those "dream moments." I felt like suddenly everything in my life made sense, and I finally had a way to reach my goal. Knowing me, I probably went out partying and chasing girls.

Where is your favorite place to play in California? Do you have any Orange County dates scheduled?

I really love playing in LA. I have an amazing following of fans in Cali, who go crazy at my shows. On NYE, I played to 5,000 people in LA who didn't stop jumping for my entire show, it was off the hook! I don't have any dates for Orange County yet, but I'm going to chat to my agent about this. I love the beach, and I'd love to spend some time in the OC.

When and what was your break out song and performance?

My big break song was probably "Vanilla." It gathered a cult following, who became my strongest fans and still are. The first break out show that I did was at Sensation White, where I headlined a stadium to 45,000 people. After that, I went on to perform in Holland to another 20,000 people. Since then things have been non-stop for me.

What do you want the fans to feel when they see a tyDi set?

Everything. A TyDi show has everything from those intense climaxes, where it feels like the walls will fall down, to those calm lose yourself moments that take you somewhere else. I want my fans to walk away fulfilled, like they've seen and felt something that they won't get from another artist.

You have mentioned on your Facebook that your new music video, "Talking To Myself" is getting mixed reviews. What are some things people have said?

It's not getting mixed reviews, it's getting confused viewers who can't work out what it's about. It's that's exactly what I wanted! There's several underlying stories to the music video. Everybody seems to have a different interpretation of it.

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