Top Five Reasons for Skrillex to NOT Change His Phone Number

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Dear Skrillex,

You must've freaked out, even a little bit, last night at the Grammys when Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) wore his requisite headgear of carbonfiber mouse head with giant ears...and a black T-shirt with "(626) 310-1039 u mad bro?" printed on it.

On Twitter, the DJ confessed to pulling the prank after congratulating you. "Congrats to @skrillex for the best remix grammy :) can't say I'm not proud!" 

We tried to call you this morning to leave you a message, but the automated greeting said voicemail wasn't set up for this phone number... and even though last night you tweeted, "Haha @deadmau5 just wore my phone number on his [expletive] shirt on tv gotta retire this phone," we hope you haven't switched digits yet. Here's five reasons why.

5) 626 reprazent!

4) So you can set up an automated greeting to tell girls to stop copying your haircut

3) So you can set up an automated greeting to tell guys to stop telling you to form another emo band

2) So you won't miss the thousands of texts congratulating you on your three Grammys

1) So Deadmau5 doesn't have the last laugh. ("no, not mad, bro.")

(Props to our photographer Christopher Victorio for giving us the idea in the first place!)
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