The Beach Boys to Reunite at the Grammys; Our Dream Setlist

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It's the news we've been expecting/hoping for since the release of The SMiLE Sessions: The Beach Boys (or at least the ones still living) are officially reuniting at the Grammys Sunday night. Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks, who haven't performed as The Beach Boys in over than two decades, will join Foster The People and Maroon 5 (odd, right?) for a special performance that will inevitably feature songs from the Beach Boys hit-laden catalog (hopefully not "Kokomo").

Inspired by the announcement, here are some songs we're hoping that they'll play, after the jump. And, in light of the reunion tour news that we're so eagerly waiting for, here's hoping the Hawthorne natives play a Southern California gig sometime very soon.

"Surfin' Safari" and "Surfin'" - Each would be solid openers and plus both songs were on the album that put the band on the map and shaped their sound. Plus, Wilson and Love have performed the tune over the years so their familiarity likely hasn't waned in their two decades apart.

"Surfin' USA"
- Another early song that will most likely be a crowd pleaser. The harmonies and simplicities of the song could involve all parties and won't make for any awkward moments for the old timers.

"I Get Around" - I remember this one from the beginning montage of Look Who's Talking, but it's a classic and sure to have fans singing and dancing. It's an up-tempo number from the band's heyday and will surely draw cheers.

"Help Me, Rhonda"- A classic that was written by Jardine, this was the band's second #1 hit. Again, I'm a little worried about Wilson and Love hitting the high notes, but the music should make up for anything slacking in the vocal department.

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" - Getting into the Pet Sounds era tracks will be dicey for the band. Dennis and Carl Wilson had an important role in shaping the sound of this record that will be tough to replicate them, but a Beach Boys set wouldn't be complete without this song.

"Sloop John B."
- Like the aforementioned tune, an absolute essential in any Beach Boys set. Don't try to fight me on this one.

"God Only Knows" - One of the most beautiful love songs of all time. Plus, as Brian likes to point out, this is the first major pop song to have the word "God" in its title. An absolute essential, plus its tune that has major cross-generational appeal. Yes, it's another one off Pet Sounds, but that should demonstrate how incredible and ahead of its time the album was when first released.

"Good Vibrations" - Since the band just released The SMiLE Sessions, it would make sense for them to play the most definitive song from this period. Though the harmonies and vocals may not sound as incredible as they once did, this is sure to bring down the house and a likely set closer.

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ok time for a fan's list: want to open w/ do it again, not california girls, want to hear marcella, catch a wave a little conflicted on god only knows (although Brian pulled it off greatly at the Beacon NY), little girle i once knew-------don't want to hear 409, surfer girl, little duece coupe


The Beach Boys’ 1963 hit “Surfin’ USA” made even the land-locked feel like catching a wave. The cities name-checked in Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen” provided the inspiration for Brian Wilson’s list of the best surf spots in the US. Rockaeology at tells how the song was a little too similar for Berry’s label, Chess Records, which threatened to sue for copyright infringement. The Beach Boys’ publisher settled the case out of court. Brian’s father Murry Wilson, who managed the band’s business affairs, turned the full copyright over to Berry without telling Brian. 


Brian wilson (and I assume love on lyrics) wrote help me rhonda. Jardine just sang it

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