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Chris Victorio
Railroad to Alaska performs at last year's OC Music Awards
The OC Music Awards announced the launch of its free iPhone app today featuring interviews, photos and playlists of bands participating in the nine-week competition. We here at Weekly World Headquarters were rightly hooked by the word "free," and proceeded to tap furiously at the faces of our phones summoning the bits and bytes of info to our tiny drives. 

Happily, the app is user friendly and provides easy navigation between albums of pics snapped at recent showcases, interviews of bands including Foxxhound and Blok as well as the gratuitous plug for a local subsidiary of the Hormel Foods Corporation--not sure I really care who Farmer John likes in the competition--but I digress. To check out the app for yourself, head over to iTunes and get tappin'. 

And after the jump, a schedule of the final showcases this week.
Wednesday, 2/22, 7:30pm - The Coach House
All Ages, FREE
FAN VOTE WINNER: Kacie Yoshida (8pm)
Tully Wilkinson (8:45pm)
Parker Macy Blues (9:30pm)
Allensworth (10:15pm)
Moonsville Collective (11pm)
RSVP and Details: FACEBOOK

Friday, 2/24, 7:30pm - Samueli Theater
All Ages, FREE
FAN VOTE WINNER: We Are the Arsenal (8pm)
Midnight Hour (8:45pm)
Slime Kings (9:30pm)
Robert Jon & the Wreck (10:15pm)
Railroad to Alaska (11:00pm)
RSVP and Details: FACEBOOK

2012 OC Music Awards
Sat. 3/3, 7pm - The City National Grove of Anaheim
(All Ages, $30, Tickets On Sale Now

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