Madonna Announces World Tour While the Register Picks Apart Her Plastic Surgery Work

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The last time I saw Madonna, it was 2006 and I paid $352 for a floor ticket. Madonna, fresh off the success of her Super Bowl halftime show, is going on a  World Tour beginning May 29 in Tel Aviv, Israel. While we have no idea how much tickets will be going for, we do know she'll stop at  South America and Australia, and 26 European cities including London, Paris, Milan and Berlin.

Her Madgesty's California dates include a San Jose stop at the HP Pavilion on Oct. 6, and and the Staples Center in LA on Oct. 10.

Don't despair that there isn't an OC date, though; looks like there are a few free days surrounding that Oct. 10 date--either they'll add a couple of shows at the Staples Center, or maybe even add a Honda Center show in Anaheim! She'll be in Las Vegas by Oct. 13 at the MGM Grand. North American tickets are going on sale starting Monday, Feb. 13 at 10 a.m. at all Ticketmaster outlets.

Speaking of Madonna, the OC Register just published a story analyzing the 53-year-old's cosmetic surgery work. I'm a die-hard Madonna fan, admittedly. The first cassette tape I got as a kid was her True Blue album, and there were numerous times when people in our household had to tell me to turn "Like a Prayer" off for the nth time. It's hard for me to think Madonna can do wrong, even though I haven't liked a full album since Music.

But I'm not just speaking as a fan when I say it's offensive that Madonna's cosmetic work is worthy of conjecture on a major daily just because she's a woman. As our news blogger Matt Coker said, "I don't recall the paper or anyone else bringing up the same subject when it comes to a man--such as NBC Sports host Bob Costas, who looks to me like he's had work done around his eyes."

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How long's she had that Paris Hilton nose? Looks like she's had more facelifts than the 405 ...


What?: The OC Register, not that I am defending their reporting or writing, regularly covers plastic surgery, including that for men.

what is the point of this entry? They are not attacking her simply becuase she is female, they are commenting because plastic surgery is a hot topic and practice in Orange County..... http://inyourface.ocregister.c...

reads like - I love Madonna, always have, the OC Register shouldn't comment on her plastic surgery because I have always loved her. mkay.

 she is not good but hot .... i really appreciate that she is in the age of 50 is singing as she is still a teenager..


Yeah because a facebook post is the same thing as a whole article talking about Madonna's possible use of plastic surgery. Yep.

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