Happy Birthday, Exene Cervenka!

Exene Cervenka, the lovely frontwoman of X, The Knitters and Original Sinners, is 56 today. We wish her a very happy day, and many blessings for the writer, visual artist and punk-rock pioneer who writes our new advice column, Ask Exene! (Watch for it in the print edition out tomorrow.) 
If you want to give Exene your best wishes, comment with your favorite Exene song below!

Again, if you want to ask for advice (or just say hi!), send an email to askexene@ocweekly.com. We will not use your real name if you don't want us to. Please note: By sending us email, you are giving OC Weekly permission to publish it.

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Bill T.
Bill T.

Not my cuppa tea, (all should should score a big "STFU, I Don't Care!" on that), however, huge thumbs-up for apparently being more interested in making music they like as opposed to commercial pre-digested pap. Integrity counts.

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