Frank Caliendo on the Super Bowl, Price vs. Madonna and not Being Turrible

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Frank Caliendo is a funny guy. Yes, he rules in the world of impressions and has been on hit TV shows, but Frank Caliendo the comic is so much more. He exudes natural wit and when he comes to the Irvine Improv this Thursday through Sunday, the humor that Frank Caliendo is bringing to the stage will provide one show that can't be missed!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Frank Caliendo: I think I first wanted to be an architect because Mr. Brady was one. I didn't really think about it that much. I just always told myself I wanted to be an architect but I had no reason because I wasn't good at drawing. I didn't even like to draw.

Maybe you were good with a ruler?

[Laughs.] Yeah. It sounded good. It was a three syllable word that was a job. I was a super shy kid who didn't do much but watch a lot of TV. My parents were like, what are you going to do with just watching TV all of the time? And now, ha-ha.

Yeah! In your face parents!

Yeah! In your face mom! In the face! I was a Mass Communications major and I realized I had to take a class that I didn't want to so I changed my major to Broadcast Journalism. The class I didn't want to take was "TV News" which is funny because you have to take "TV News" to get Mass Communications but, you don't have to take it to get a broadcast degree.

So after almost two years of playing Vegas... you've stopped and started touring. Did you miss the room service on the road?

[Laughs.] I just couldn't take being in Vegas five days a week. It was a bit much and my family was in Arizona so I was just commuting way too much. I wanted to be away like, a third as much, so I decided to go on the road here and there. I'm going back to do the Venetian in March. We do it with a band and it's a silly little show. I'd love to do five to ten weeks a year in Vegas but I just can't take forty.

You do some work with Fox NFL...who'd you take in the Super Bowl?

I was there for the pre-Super Bowl stuff and I was home before it started. I picked the Giants but I wasn't invested in either one because I grew up in Wisconsin and it's a state law to be a Packer fan when you leave. What did you think of Madonna? Did you think that was good?

My honest take is Madonna should've sung live and dressed a little sportier. I didn't get the gladiator thing. What did you think?

I thought the stage was amazing. I got a lot of feedback when I tweeted, what is Richard Simmons doing on that tight rope?

Haha he was getting his balls crushed I think.

[Laughs.] Yeah! What was that? I'm not a huge Madonna fan and to me it doesn't really fit the NFL's audience but, I think they were trying to reach out and get a bigger audience. It didn't do much for me though and like you said, the lip-syncing was like why? I didn't get it. It just wasn't for me but at this point they aren't programming for me either. It's hard to live up to the hype anymore. You'll never make everyone happy.

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