Bon Iver's Grammy: Worst Idea Ever

Bon Iver_9-20-11_Chad Sengstock_0001.jpg
Chad Sengstock/OC Weekly
Not because Justin Vernon and company don't deserve recognition (he does, their songs are beautiful), but because all the awards have done is give us more fodder for the hipster morass.

Sure, a bunch of people couldn't pronounce it right and even more ignorant folks thought the band name was "Bonny Bear," but should we really be subject to more wannabe-viral videos that aren't even funny? OK, it's a little funny. But maybe the actors should really figure out how the band name is pronounced (Bohn eee-vair) before they go live. See what I mean after the jump.

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No, I'm happy Bonny Bear won an Oscar. I support any band that's not fronted by Chris Martin. Fucque u Coldplay

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