Anthony Green with the Dear Hunter at Fox Theater Pomona

Meg Strouse OC Weekly
Green, aka the Energizer Bunny
Anthony Green
Fox Theater Pomona
Feb. 11, 2012

"The Beautiful Things" tour flew through Pomona last weekend, leaving fans captivated by the unprecedented energy of Saosin and Circa Survive alumni, Anthony Green. Supported by Isadora Crane and The Dear Hunter, Green reminded everyone why he became the solo artist we all know and have grown to appreciate over the years. Green's latest solo album, Beautiful Things was released early this year, and with The Dear Hunter and Green's backing band, Good Old War in tow, this was a show to add to your bucket list.

The ambient and melodic Isadora Crane began their performance early, and more than a few audience members missed them entirely due to the will-call line that wrapped itself around the block. Luckily, they could be heard and seen via large open windows and the Fox Theater's giant TV within its central bar. 

Meg Strouse OC Weekly
The Dear Hunter
The Dear Hunter, a three-piece orchestrated by Casey Crescenzo, was a must see performance. Originally a side project created by Crescenzo, The Dear Hunter quickly became much more than your average experiment. Having listened to the band's three (of six) albums whose plot was set about the birth, life, and abrupt death of a boy, the set list presented by Crescenzo was unpredictable and unexpected.

Full of powerful ballads, The Dear Hunter demonstrated their talent for exploring and meshing different types of sounds within a comprehensive piece. With guitars set to "Mandolin" and Crescenzo's interchangeable keyboard/hollow body skills, couples throughout the crowd were seen embracing each other lovingly and singing along to each song. A sort of romantic serenade was sweeping through Fox Theater Saturday night, and just in time for that god forsaken Hallmark holiday next week.

Crescenzo's vocals were so powerful and full of emotion that a backing band--or any other instruments for that matter--were unnecessary. An a cappella version of Crescenzo is definitely something that should be considered in the near future. Not many can hold their own and master their vocal chords as an independent instrument, but Crescenzo's voice resonates like a Greek god, heralding the lighters and couples making out. It was the best damn live ballad compilation CD ever.

Green even made an appearance in support of his tour mate and friend by providing backing vocals during "Progress," singing, "the only thing that brings me back is love." Aww shucks, I forgot to pack my tissues. We're good on the reverb, and mushy lyrics, thank you.

The respect and gratitude that radiates from Anthony Green is magnetic. He's been known to treat his fans very well, and maintained this reputation by repeatedly thanking the crowd, the supporting bands, the sound engineer, the lighting technician, and so on and so forth. I bet Jesus felt a little left out. What is alluring about Green's performances is his ability to make the audience feel comfortable. Comfortable in the sense that one feels like an old friend, someone that has known Green for years and he was performing in their personal living room. Oh, but this was not a living room, it was a theater full of young fans, all zoned in and concentrated on Green's exuberant dancing on stage. "It's just me and you tonight," declared Green in between songs.

Meg Strouse OC Weekly
His fans adore him

Kicking off the show with his most recognizable solo song, "Baby Girl," the crowd was just as energetic as Green, singing every lyric right along with him. The vocal harmonies between Green and Good Old War were dead on. Kudos on the backing band. The four piece played as a well oiled machine.

The tame, toned-down version of Green was out in full force. Being a new dad, Green displayed an obvious maturity about his appearance with a new hair cut and clean wardrobe. He still spits on stage and drops the f-bombs regularly, but he looks damn good doing so. He's come a long way from the Nirvana tribute show he played in a dress with Circa Survive a couple of years back at The Grove of Anaheim. He also jumped into the crowd per usual, but this time, no one was injured. It's as if he has a newfound consideration for those around him. I have personally witnessed a photographer taking an accidental kick to the head at a previous show.

Performing a mix of Circa and solo songs, one may have forgotten about Green's early Saosin days, but as an encore, Green pulled out the "Seven Years" card, which made the crowd go nuts. Good call. "I'm hoping I can do this forever," and so do we, Anthony. Ending with, "Devil's Song", it became a duet between Green and his fans. Usually I despise when singers leave the singing up to the crowd, but this time was very different. Green began singing harmonies and back up for his fans. The interaction and appreciation Green shows for them is astounding. It was something I can not even put into words. Witnessing this last song was a whole new amazing experience.

Meg Strouse OC Weekly
Loving the new look

When asked what appealed to them about seeing Anthony Green perform live, fans exclaimed, "his high energy, amazing voice, and devotion to his fans!" and then there was the whole new image aspect with, "I want his c!@# in and around my mouth!" Either way you look at it, he's a charming and amazingly talented performer, and his fans love him for the sake of being himself.

Critic's Bias: I'm a big fan of Saosin, I was also singing along to "Seven Years", off pitch, and in the key of "what?!"
The Crowd: Younger versions of my ex-boyfriend paired with younger girls sporting their "mom cut-off jean shorts", I thought those were long gone. Tats, piercings, blue hair... no whammies.
Overheard in the Crowd: "Have you seen Circa?! What about The Growlers?" "Are you on the Myspace?"
Random Notebook Dump: Be leery of men with a Red Bull in one hand, and Jack Daniels on the rocks in the other.

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