3hree Things: A Box Full Of Cassettes And Shame

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I'm not gonna lie. I didn't spend my formative years as a music listener (late-80's/early-90's)  listening to Fugazi, or Black Flag, or My Bloody Valentine, or MC5, or The Melvins, or this seminal band, or that seminal band*. Nope. Instead, I'd my way over to the Peer Records that used to be in the Irvine Marketplace, and stock up on piles of new cassettes and cassette singles full of audio garbage to willingly assault my earholes with.

I remember a fair share of those regrettable purchases (many of which have appeared in my Flashback Friday posts on my blog), but through the magic of selective memory I figured I'd actually managed to purge most of those regrettable purchases from the deepest recesses of my brain. That changed when I spent some time cleaning out my mom's garage and found (no lie) three huge boxes FULL of cassettes from the early-'90s. 

Right there, plain as day. Physical evidence of my poor decision-making, financial irresponsibility and godawful taste.

"Hey, just in case you forgot how much of an idiot you were, here are three massive boxes to throw you into a mild depression jog your memory a bit."

What follows, is a look at three of the worst from ONE box of worstness. I might save the other two boxed piles-of-disappointment-encased-in-an-obsolete-audio-medium for a day when I feel like I need to knock my middling self-worth down a few pegs.  

1) 2 Live Crew, "Head, Booty & C*ck" (1988)

This song is NSFW, or anywhere really. Ever.

"Wait...what is he asking us?"

"I think the first thing is if we like head."

"Ah. Yeah, man. I'm into it. Who isn't? K, what's the second thing?"

"Booty, I think. He's asking if we like booty."

"Well, yeah. I like booty...if it's clean and doesn't look like a stuffed laundry bag. So yeah, we're two-for-two. What's the last thing?"



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