Top Five DJs Under 25

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2. Avicii

Age: 22

Who he is: The Grammy-nominated Swedish producer and DJ, born Tim Bergling, is also known as Tim Berg, Tom Hangs and Ashwin. Apparently, he's on a mission to dethrone Tiesto as the top DJ in the world. In 2011, Avicii released mega club hits like, "Seek Bromance," "Levels," "Blessed," "Fade Into Darkness," "Drowning (Remix)," "Sunshine," "Sweet Dreams (Remix)" and "Drezzed (Remix)."

Signature sound: Melodic house

How he got started: Avicii started out doing a remixed to the theme song to the Commodore 64 video game Lazy Jones,  which inpired him to write "Lazy Lace," his first release on Strike Recordings,  In April 2008, Avicii released "Manman" on Pete Tong's Bedroom Bedlam label after winning the Pete Tong Fast Trax. After winning (with 70 percent of the votes), Avicii was wanted by numerous labels, promoters and booking agencies from all over the world.

Breakout hit: In 2010, Avicii dropped what is now the anthem of EDC, "Seek Bromance"

Where he'll be in five years: Pumping out more rave anthems, with even more American Top 40 artists  sampling his work. (Flo Rida and Leona Lewis have already sampled his work.)

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