Top 15 Teen Movie Music Moments

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John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything
Teen movies, in general, have great music. I don't know how that is, but when you think about it, teenagers take music more seriously than any other demographic I can think of, so if you're making a movie by/for them, it's gotta have a great soundtrack. Some of the choices may be silly, but, then again, most teen movies are too.

15. Clueless, General Public "Tenderness", Radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees, Coolio "Rollin With The Homies", Jill Sobule "Supermodel"

A fitting introduction to all modern teen movies. Writer/Producer/Director Amy Heckerling, a veteran of the Brat Pack era herself, re-imagines Jane Austin's Emma as a match-making high school gal cavorting around to a killer soundtrack that featuring a number of re-made 80s songs. The flick revived the late Teen Movie Factory which began churning out a ton high school comedies, as well as plenty of classicd-turned-teen drama... like She's All That (My Fair Lady), Cruel Intentions (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), O (Othello), and 10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of the Schrew).

14. Weird Science, Oingo Boingo, "Weird Science" & General Public "Tenderness"

13. Risky Business - Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight"

12. Rushmore - "Making Time"

Wes Anderson's much-copied montage of Max Fisher's busy extracurricular schedule set to Brit-invasion fuzz.

11. Romeo + Juliet, Garbage "#1 Crush" or Radiohead "Talk Show Host" or Des'eree(?) "Kissing you"

10. Pretty in Pink, Psychedlic Furrs "Pretty in Pink"

9. Sixteen Candles (A: Altered Images ..happy birthday, my favorite bday track ever!)

8. Valley Girl, Eddy Grant, "Electric Avenue"

Awww, Nick Cage used to be cute! This soundtrack kills, and has both Modern English's "Melt With You" and Men at Work's "Who Can it be Now?"

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NO mention of The Plimsouls being on the Valley Girl soundtrack THREE times, including Million Miles Away and Everywhere at Once, or that they were actually IN the movie?  How can you maintain a semblance of credibility?


Good list... I might reorder it a bit but thats all personal preference and definitely The opening sequence of Dazed and Confused where they fade into that kick ass 69 GTO and Sweet Emotion starts... probably would be my #1 

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