Steve Aoki Talks About 'Wonderland'; Watch Official 'Ladi Dadi' Vid

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So Newport Beach native Steve Aoki's latest set, Wonderland, is out, and you can watch the Dim Mak head talk about the making of the album, which has guests Rivers Cuomo, Lil Jon, Kid Cudi, Wynter Gordon, Travis Barker and more. The album has an ode to Occupy Wall Street (You'd think the Benihana heir was more 1% than 99%....), and Aoki also talks about growing up listening to Weezer.

It's Aoki's first real full-length, so it's interesting to hear his take on music and the bands that shaped his musical taste.

Here's the video of "Ladi Dadi"

And here's the making of "Ladi Dadi."

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