Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and More: Five Most Famous Pot Arrests in Texas

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Oh Texas, you're a real buzzkill. We just heard Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas on Saturday for a misdemeanor drug charge, after a real snoop dog (oh, the irony) sniffed out the marijuana on his tour bus.

According to TMZ, agents claimed they found a red prescription bottle with several joints inside the bus. Snoop was issued a citation for misdemeanor drug possession and released.

Obviously, there's Texas and Weed aren't friends--here's are four other celebrities who've been arrested for pot in the Lone Star State.
4. Ray Price In 1999, the then-73-year-old country music singer was arrested in his Texas home for possession of marijuana. The "Crazy Arms" singer posted a bond of $500 for the marijuana-possession charge.

3. Matthew McConaughey, star of too many rom-coms to count, was also arrested in his Texas home in 1999 after numerous noise complaints from neighbors.  Reports by the Houston Chronicle say officers saw him dancing in the nude and playing bongos. That wasn't a crime he could get arrested for, so he was booked on suspicion of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

2. Vernon Maxwell Former basketball star Maxwell, of the Houston Rockets, ran a red light in 1995 and was caught with a gram of pot in a baggie on the floor of his car. Oops.

1. Willie Nelson In 1995, Nelson was first busted in Texas with pot in his car. The charges were later dropped when the search was found illegal, but in 2010, Nelson was again busted in Sierra Blanca--the same small town in West Texas where Snoop was recently arrested.  A search of his bus turned up about six ounces of marijuana.
According to the New York Times:
Kit Bramblett, a local prosecutor, said initially that Mr. Nelson could pay his debt to society with a small fine and by appearing in court to sing "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain." But Judge Becky Dean-Walker quickly shot down the proposed plea deal, calling it a joke that "got out of hand." As recently as last July Mr. Bramblett and Judge Dean-Walker were still at odds about an appropriate penalty for Mr. Nelson; the final disposition of the case was not immediately clear.
Back then, too, Snoop Dogg rallied against Nelson's arrest, posting videos online saying, "They better leave Willie the fuck alone."

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Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

Let’s keep celebrities and everyday citizens from crowdingour courts and jails contributing to the money pit that is the War on Pot.  When will our Government realize it canprofit more from taxing the sale of the harmless medicinal herb than by jailingpeople for it?  Groups are organizing allover the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws and defending thisplant.  I drew up a very cool poster forthe cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...  Drop in and let me know what you think!


don't hate on TX. you know I've read a 'few' articles about dispensary clerks getting blown away. You can't say that mindnumbing herb is safe & fun for the whole family. Would you want a Aldo Raine Texan guy carving that in your forehead when you are walking around SXSW in your skinny jeans, you might,...yeah, would,..get pummeled.

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