Peter Hook Takes the Joy Division-Inspired Disney T as a Compliment, and Where the Design is REALLY From

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First off, Peter Hook just told the LA Times that he appreciates the irony of Disney riffing on a Joy Division album cover.

While Disney didn't as the surviving members of Joy Division for permission to replicate the image, he says, "If I had a pound for every time someone bootlegged Joy Division, I'd be as rich as Disney."

Not that Disney would actually need permission; the original image, after all, is in the public domain. (It's an illustration of pulsar waves, computer generated at the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico.)

Hook told NME that ""I spend a lot of my time policing Joy Division bootlegs and normally we ask for a contribution to be made to Ian's charity for Epilesy. So, maybe if we wanted to make Disney feel guilty we could suggest that they did that."

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