Nilu Madadi, Irvine-Based Iranian-American Singer, Goes Viral With a Nod From Young the Giant

Nilu Madadi, a 23 year-old Iranian-American musician based in Irvine, has started the new year off on the right note. The singer-songwriter has been making a name for herself since a YouTube video of her Noise Coalition Live Sessions performance of "Sing for You" was uploaded earlier this month. Madadi's original composition has inspired tens of thousands of views (and counting) with its display of her sultry, Feist-like vocals. She's offered up "Sing for You" as a free download and promises much more in the coming year, including a debut EP release, new website and a follow-up Noise Coalition video.

With all this good stuff going on, the Weekly caught up with the indie-rock/soul musician and asked her a few questions about the video and song that has people talking. Don't be surprised to see more of Madadi in a future Locals Only feature!

OC Weekly (Gabriel San Roman): How did this Noise Coalition Live Sessions recording come along?

Nilu Madadi: I've wanted to put out a recording for some time now, but it was really tough to get things going while in school. Right after I graduated college, I started asking around about studios and engineers in Southern California. A friend of mine showed me Noise Coalition's site and I really liked the look of the videos and the fact that the songs were recorded live. I immediately harassed Jason Suwito (owner of Noise Coalition) via numerous emails and inquired about a session. I got really lucky with timing and good musicians and the rest unfolded quite nicely. It turns out Jason and I went to high school together but we didn't know each other. He did a great job on the mix and was very professional throughout the whole process. We're in the talks of recording my EP together.

Tell me a little about the song "Sing for You" both in its arrangement and lyrical sentiment and why you chose to perform it.

"Sing For You" is the first song I ever wrote and in that sense, it holds great sentiment. I'm singing for something that has deeply affected me and I did my best to supply instrumentation to transmit those emotions. I studied classical piano in college and was fortunate enough to be immersed in a world of musical diversity while in school. My friends were not only great people, they were phenomenal violinists, cellists, vocalists and pianists. I'm constantly inspired by the sounds they produce and there's no doubt that exposure found its way into my songwriting, which frequently includes a string section. I chose to perform 'Sing For You' not because it is the first song I wrote, but because it has resonated with me for years and I feel it is a good representation of my sound.

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