Nicole Vaughn's McDonald's Commercial is Better Than the Product it's Pushing

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Nicole Vaughn may not eat chicken, but her song for the McDonald's Chicken McBites ad is finger-lickin good. The commercial, released last week, has Vaughn's light and airy ditty floating through it, with the lyrical soundbyte "Time don't wait/ the road is calling you my friend." Damn if it doesn't make you Google the commercial instantly. (I had the McBites today, and unfortunately those chicken bites are NOT light and airy. And calorie-laden.)
Apparently, Vaughn's song in the McDonald's ad is unreleased, but it's driving new fans to Vaughn's Facebook page by the hordes. And those new fans are in luck: like Nicole Vaughn and her Lovely Band's page, write on their wall, and you'll get a new EP.
Watch the commercial after the jump.

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