Lou Reed Signing - Some of Our Favorite People And Their Items

Daniel Kohn
Reed ready to sign
On Friday, Lou Reed, did an in-store at Fingerprints in Long Beach. As expected, there were fans from all walks of love at the beloved record store. The line, per usual, extended from the store's front on 4th St. and around Elm. Unlike the recent Brian Wilson signing, there were less people and alas, less time for the Velvet Underground impresinario to sign. However, all wasn't lost as Reed performed a poetry reading during the middle of the signing session. As we waited on-line for the Long Island-native to make his way to the store, here are some of our favorite people we encountered and what they had signed.
Daniel Kohn
Corinne Walsh, Greatest Hits Vinyl: What brought Walsh to the signing was her undying loyalty to the Velvet Underground and their influence over punk rock. It's her love of the genre that got her interested in VU and Reed.

Daniel Kohn

Paul Auria, Velvet Underground and Nico
vinyl sans cover: Auria is also a long-time fan who found about the signing in the local paper. "How often do you get to meet a living rock icon," he said about the signing. However, the vinyl he brought with him was from his daughter Kelsey's room, who couldn't attend the event due to a minor dental procedure she had earlier in the day Don't worry Kelsey, dad was going to make sure that he got the vinyl personalized to you, so you win.
Daniel Kohn

Dave Rayburn, Velvet Underground and Nico vinyl: Though he had the most popular product, Rayburn had probably the best story about why he selected the band's seminal album for Reed to sign. "I want him to sign under the banana," he explained. "Hopefully it will be a secret message and that would be pretty cool."
Daniel Kohn

Robert Fukerson, The Raven book
: To qualify for a spot in line, fans had to purchase either Reed's recent collaboration with Metallica, Lulu, or the hardcover companion to Reed's album, The Raven. Fukerson was getting multiple books signed for his sons, both in their early 20s.
Daniel Kohn

Kriss Marlin, Rubén Blades CD: By far and away the most obscure item out there, Marlin brought an album that Reed penned most of the music for. This wins the award for the item most likely to get a 'huh' response from the rock icon.
Daniel Kohn
Sean Singson, Lulu vinyl: Perhaps the safest pick of any of the items to be signed, Singson picked up Reed's latest in anticipation of the signing. Though he had other Reed albums, he thought this was the best item to be signed due to the historic collaboration between Reed and Metallica, plus he thought the artwork on the cover was pretty badass as well.

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