Johnny Ramone's Autobio to be Released, Eight Years Later (Plus, Five Other Essential Rock Bios)

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Yesterday, news of the long-awaited Johnny Ramone autobiography finally broke and is scheduled to be released this spring. It's hard to believe, but Johnny died in September 2004 and somehow his memoirs are being released now. It should be interesting to read what the iconic guitar's true thoughts were, especially outside Dee Dee Ramone's random diaries that were published after his death, this should give amazing insight to one of the most influential bands in music history. All this talk of rock autobiographies got me thinking about the best books I've read about musicians in the past few years.
5. Tony McCarroll, Oasis: The Truth - The first drummer of Oasis gives an amazing insider's point of view what it was like to be at the forefront of the Britpop boom of the mid-'90s. This is a quick read and a must have for any Oasis fan out there. Oh, by the way for those of you who are curious, McCarroll is firmly on team Liam and hates Noel.
4. Ozzy Osbourne, Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy - Though not necessarily an autobiography, the Prince of Darkness wrote of one of the more entertaining books in recent memory. Ozzy gives advice on a variety of topics, some comical and some serious. Either way, a terrific read and shows the Black Sabbath frontman's light side.

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