Cold War Kids Announce New Guitarist, Free Singles

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Todd Barnes/OC Weekly
Jonathan Russell, right, was replaced by the former Modest Mouse guitarist Dann Gallucci

​Late last year, we found out that Cold War Kids' guitarist Jonathan Russell was quitting. Our source told us not to break the news; there were tours and albums to be released. Not wanting to burn our source, we waited to see what happened--and today, the LA Times reports that former Modest Mouse guitarist Dann Gallucci will take his place.

If you want to hear how the guitars are different, you can check out three free downloads on their site. Cold War Kids is giving away its new two-track single, "Minimum Day."

As a belated Christmas gift, there's also a free holiday single for download: Check out "Where Would We Be w/o Christmas?" online.

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I wondered how others in the band felt about Willet deciding to take over songwriting. Now we know. Always kind of sad and fascinating at the same time to watch something pretty good slowly driven into a ditch. Well done, Willet! RIP CWK. 


The caption under the top photo is incorrect.  You state "Jonathan Russell, left, was replaced by the former Modest Mouse guitarist Dann Gallucci", but Jonathan Russel is on the RIGHT. This is a sad day for CWK, bu I suppose a great thing for Johnny. 


oops you're right, duh. corrected!

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