Blue Ivy Carter and Other Obscure Hip-Hop/R&B Child Names

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For mom and dad, there will be less time to watch the Nets
​For those of you not in the know, or not near a TV or Internet this weekend, it finally happened: Jay-Z and Beyoncé gave birth to what is soon to be the most famous heir in hip-hop history: Blue Ivy Carter. Young Blue's middle name allegedly is for her mom and pop's birthdays (both being on the fourth of the month). That being said, since Blue is the latest in a long line of interesting names selected by hip-hop and R&B artists, we're going to highlight some of our favorites over time.

5. Blue Ivy Carter: C'mon, you thought we'd make a list and not include the latest member on it? The offspring of Jay-Z and Beyoncé HAD to be on this list; not only is she slated to be the biggest tycoon in music since Frances Bean Cobain, but she's certainly going to be one of the coolest as well. Combine this with the alleged reasoning behind her middle name, I wouldn't be surprised if blue (though a friend of mine astutely pointed out that the most famous Blue before little Carter was the old dude in Old School) becomes more than a color, but a trending name in 2012.

Writer's note: Talk about a quick turnaround! Jay-Z already wrote a song and used his little girl in a track, click here for the tune.

Alicia, Egypt and company going for a stroll in NYC

4. Egypt Daoud Dean: Child to Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, young Egypt won't be uprising against her famous parents any time soon, unlike what happened in the country she was named for this past spring. I don't see this one taking on the popularity Blue may, but either way, it's definitely one of the more elaborate names for a child, and one can only infer her mom and dad have an affinity for pyramids and the Middle East.

Father and son
3. Seven Sirius Benjamin: Unless you are George Costanza, what other couple would you expect to name their child Seven? But the parents are Erykah Badu and Andre 3000, so are you surprised? Did you really expect them to name their son Michael Thomas Benjamin? If so, then you really aren't familiar with Seven's parents or followed their careers or exploits.

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