Andrew W.K. To Tour Behind The 10th Anniversary 'I Get Wet'...And A Few More Albums We'd Rather Not Hear Again

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Believe it not folks, not only is Andrew W.K. back, he's planning on touring and playing his, um, most successful album, I Get Wet, that had that annoying song that you heard everywhere, "Party Hard," on it, which I'm sure you all remember. With two shows in the area (L.A. and Pomona), we here at Heard Mentality thought of some of other one-hit, or one-album wonders from the early Aughts that if Andrew W.K. decided to dust off his mic, these guys may as well too.
Good Charlotte: Over the past half-decade, the brothers Madden have been better known for their celebrity relationships rather than their crappy music. However, if they decide to go on tour again and play "The Anthem" and the rest of The Young and The Hopeless, I'll shoot myself in the face.
Yellowcard: Ocean Avenue was another eh album that received a ton of airplay, Good Charlotte and got spot a spot on the coveted Madden video game with "Way Away." I hope this never happens and this album can go away.

Alien Ant Farm: It was cool and ballsy that they covered Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" at a time when the King of Pop was known for his 'extra-cirricular' activities rather than his music. However, the version they made was a headache and for this to be the centerpiece of a tour, well, that wouldn't do the late King of Pop justice.

Afroman: Yes, yes, I know that the guy still tours, but nothing will compare to his frat house anthem "Because I Got High" ever again. Yes, the song still brings chuckles amongst stoners, but the fact that he's still making a living off that tune either shows how successful and catchy the tune was, or how sad the state of music in 2001 was.

Fountains of Wayne: Back in 2003, "Stacy's Mom" had it going on, but the rockers had other tunes before and after their one-hit of fame. Playing Welcome Interstate Managers in it's entirety would be a bore and waste of time, that is unless, they had Rachel Hunter prancing around the stage in a skimpy outfit a la the video, then it would be well worth the price of admission.

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