5 Most Important Video Game-Related News Stories of 2011


2011 has come and gone, and the year that seemingly slipped right past us was full of major events--some of which may very change the landscape of the video gaming industry forever. Everything from new a new Nintendo console to the death of a computer pioneer was all crammed into the previous year. However, of all the news-worthy events that occurred last year, which was the most influential to the video gaming industry? The following are the 5 most important video game-related news stories of 2011.

5. The Death of Steve Jobs
On October 5, 2011, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away and every news source practically came to a complete halt. Jobs' passing was monumental. He was widely regarded as the pioneer of the personal computer revolution, and until his final moments, changed the way we use phones, play games, purchase music, and access entertainment.

Steve Jobs may not be a person who is directly related to gaming, but the platform that he created has forever changed the landscape for how we play and view video games. The rise of the iOS-devices can be largely responsible for the decline in dedicated portable gaming handhelds such as Nintendo's 3DS.

Steve Jobs, however, has been known to disdain video games throughout his career. In fact, Monkey Island designer Ron Gilbert once had a meeting with Mr. Jobs at Pixar Studios. Before the meeting, Gilbert was told to not argue Jobs as a word of advice. However, after Jobs made a statement during the interview that one cannot effectively tell a story using the video game medium, the two of them argued for about an hour.

4. Nintendo Wii U Announcement
Wii U Controller!.jpg
Peter Mai/OC Weekly
What made the announcement of Nintendo's Wii U so important during 2011's Electronic Entertainment Expo is that it officially started setting everything in motion for the next gaming hardware generation. Sony and Microsoft have been waiting for someone to make the first move before they announce their own next-gen consoles, and Nintendo did just that.

After trying the system during 2011's Electronic Entertainment Expo, I can comfortably say that this system certainly is...weird. It certainly looks better than what the PS3 and XBOX 360 can pull off today, but it does not make any effort to make leaps and bounds over the competition in terms of raw horsepower. Nintendo is continuing to use the "less technology, wider market" apporach that they have been successful with during the Wii's lifecycle.

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