10 New Year's Resolutions Gamers Should Have

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It's a time-honored tradition. At the beginning of each calendar year, people from all over the world make resolutions to better themselves. What better time to make commitments to improve your health, ability to save money, and chase your dreams than the start of a new year, right? Whether or not these promises pull through or not, it never hurts to keep a self-improving goal in your sights.

If you're a gamer, then video games probably take up a large portion of your life. Why not resolve the way you live your life as a gamer and the way you enjoy this pastime for the new year? The following are 10 new year's resolutions gamers should follow.

1. Finish That Huge Pile of Games You Haven't Played

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It seems like most gamers share a common problem of owning an ever-growing backlog of games. You know what I'm talking about- that pile of unplayed games that continues to grow month after month, most of which are probably still in its original shrink wrap. This is usually a result of gamers' love for buying games on release day or buying a game at a sale price with the intent to "eventually work on it."

Sure, it probably seems like a good idea at first. Not buying a game that you intend to play someday for a low price is just plain stupid! You'd eventually be sorry for missing out on a deal, right? However, don't kid yourself. That sealed copy of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time from 2004 suggests that you'll probably never get around to play the majority of the games that you buy. By the time you come around to playing these games, they'll probably be dirt cheap anyway. Only purchase games that you immediately intend to play, and you'll reduce your backlog size and save quite a bit of money.

2. Chill the Hell Out When Playing Competitive Games
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This game means EVERYTHING!!!
Seriously. Not only will you make gaming more fun for everyone else around you, you'll also feel a lot better by being more positive. Gaming is supposed to be all about having fun, isn't it? This year, make the gaming community a more enjoyable place for everyone by taking a step back when you get pissed, and just chill the Hell out.

3. Stop Playing Games for Achievements or Trophies...and Just Play Games for FUN.

Video games are meant to bring fun and art into our lives. By "forcing" yourself to play a game for achievements, trophies, bragging rights, or ritualistic routines, you will discover that they will quickly become more like chores. Resolve to play whatever game you feel like playing, however way you feel like playing it, and enjoy every minute of it.

4. Stop Being Embarrassed to Play Games in Public
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It's only embarrassing if you make it embarrassing! If you've ever refrained from publicly whipping out your portable dedicated gaming device (such as a Nintendo DS or PSP) because you're afraid of what others will think of you, then rest assured that there are hundreds of millions of grown men like you across the world who are feeling the same thing. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Play that Nintendo DS in public proudly, and perhaps it will catch on you won't look like the only creepy guy in the world playing portable games.

5. For the Young Crowd: Play and Beat Some Cheap, Classic Games
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classics never die.

Gaming's one expensive hobby, especially for the younger crowd without a steady flow of income. The good and bad news about being a young gamer is that they've missed a few generations of great, classic video games. If you're too young to know what a NES is, then resolve some gaming time this year to try out some of the classics that are the foundation of modern-day gaming. Luckily, they're mostly dirt-cheap, perfect for spending that miniscule allowance money of yours. Here are some must-play classics that are easily accessible thanks to XBLA, PSN, Wii's Virtual Console, or one of those HD Compilations that seem to be so popular during 2011:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (available on the Wii Virtual Console for 1000 Wii Points)
  • Xenogears (available on the PSN for $9.99)
  • The Secret of Monkey Island 1+2 (available on Steam, XBLA or PSN for about $20)
  • Chrono Trigger (available on Wii Virtual Console or PSN for $10)
  • Shadow of the Colossus + Ico (available as part of a HD compilation on the PS3 for $40)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (available as part of a HD compilation on the PS3 and XBOX360 for $40)
  • Final Fantasy IV, V, VI (Available on the PSN for $10 each)
  • Secret of Mana (Available on the Wii Virtual Console for $10)

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6. Play more Wii games.I'm disappointed with this list for ONLY mentioning the biggest Wii games. Seriously, RE: Umbrella Chronicles is probably the only not-so-well-known Wii title on there. What about Little King's Story? Anyone who's played it through can tell you, it's truly amazing, deserving of a place in everyone's collection.  How about Elebits, Zack and Wiki, Sin and Punishment, Boom Blox (with friends), Muramasa, Monster Hunter Tri, or some lesser gems like Fragile or Blast Works?There's a lot worth playing on the Wii. I wish more sites (and more people) would take notice of the solid 3rd party games on the system, since they almost always end up selling terribly. Those listed games almost all sold quite well and don't need the boost in sales or recognition. Those who have given the Wii a "trial run" likely went after those already, and, drying out that well, moved back to other systems.

Natile Firth
Natile Firth

It is what it is , but it would sure be nice to know what we are talking about.

Кабель HDMI
Кабель HDMI

  I love this. My husband is a gamer and I have passed on these New Years resolutions, considering he is at this time shouting at some game or other I feel that is not one he is keeping! I suggested finishing a lot of the games in the pile and not buy new ones, I am met with a look as though I am talking alien to him. Crossing fingers some of them will sink in, I'd like not to be too much of an x-box widow this year!


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