Toni Monroe Talks Big Girl Cookies Fresh Out The Oven

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Toni Monroe may claim to be the "Biggest Bitch in the Game," but she's not what we'd classify as a bitch at all. She is a woman on a mission, and that mission is to go hard. Releasing Big Girl Cookies: First Batch on January 5, this West Coast native's mixtape features DJ Crazy Toones, Kurupt, and showcases that no matter what you look like, you can still lay it down. You can catch this powerful lady at the Key Club this New Years Eve with DJ Quik serving up a performance that is sure to start 2012 off with a bang!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): You're a more curvaceous woman and I like that you own it. You seem comfortable in your own skin.

Toni Monroe: Yeah well I've been watching it the last couple months because I feel like this is the heaviest I've ever been. So I'm like, you better slow down! I know you're the biggest bitch and you claim it, but you really have to be the biggest bitch! You'll still be the biggest bitch if you're down 50!

Do you ever get nervous before hitting the stage?

You know I don't. I think I am beforehand but once I get on stage, the feelings go away and it feels like home. I feel like if I didn't get nervous or if I didn't feel the butterflies, that's when I should start worrying! If it seems like it's too normal then it's a problem, you know? Once I get on stage, it's like a whole other beast that comes out. I don't even know that person is! [Laughs.]

I think younger woman will look up to you because you prove that you can be sexy and do the damn thing no matter what size you are.

Yes, the whole thing with me being big is, it just works into who Toni Monroe is. I'm big but me being big doesn't define me. I also feel like weight with women, what we go through and that struggle is like an everyday thing. I feel like there's a lot of women that can relate to me because they can say I'm out here doing what I'm doing, and my weight is not an issue. I mean, do you know how many times I told myself I'm not going to trip until I lose 50 pounds? Then I'm gonna to Jamaica! [Laughs.] But fuck that, if I waited to lose weight I'd be sitting home. It's a struggle that everyone goes through. Am I comfortable in my own skin? Yes. I'm confident in who I am and my weight doesn't define me. I'm out there for women and that's why I think it's working because people see that.

Well you're doing the most and I think it's great. Props!

Well thank you very much! I'm all about empowering other women and supporting, we go through a lot of shit. I love woman doing shit. I mean, us women get the job done! Behind every great man is a great women!

Right? Sadly, they just don't see that sometimes! Oh men! So how did this career in rap come about? Who gave you your "big break?"

How I came into rap or did I get a big break? Those are two different questions! As far as music went, I had a boyfriend named Tony and he had a studio at the house we used to live in. He had this girl come over one day and she rapped on one of his songs. When she left I was like, are you gonna keep her on there? He was like, "Yeah she was dope!" I was thinking, no she wasn't! It was not the business! I was such a hater! He said, "You're talking all that shit, why don't you do it?" I knew I could be better than that, I knew it would not be a challenge! For me I felt like I could burp my ABC's. Do re mi homie! [Laughs.] He put on the beat and I wrote my first 16. She got kicked off and I made it on the song.

So that's when you realized this was the career for you?

The translation between the microphone and hearing it back, when I heard my voice I immediately knew I was turned on. I was turned out! I ended up staying in that relationship just so I could do music. I was so much in love with doing what I loved that even though we were going through what we were going through, I stayed there.

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