The Wailers at the House of Blues Anaheim Friday Night

Ali Lerman
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The Wailers
December 9th, 2011
House of Blues Anaheim

Downtown Disney is always a mess and Friday was no exception. But on this night, it was extra messy. With parking closed off for a private party, attendants were as frantic as the proverbial chickens with their heads cut off. Get your shit together, Disney.

That being said, the Wailers performance at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney brought out all walks of life. This all-ages show packed the audience with the old to the way too young and most had a, uh, "peaceful" mentality. Even though we were thoroughly checked by the security, there was still an ever-present scent of ganja wafting through the air ... none of it coming from the white guy with the beanie with fake dreadlocks attached. (True story. It takes a man with balls to rock one of those at a reggae show.)

Mental states eased, the crowd was ready to sway as the opening band (and OC natives) Headshine hit the stage. This four-guy band had a laidback vibe and definitely did a great job of warming up the room for the Wailers with songs like, "Better Things" and "One Spark." Headshine said they were humbled to be opening for the Wailers because they grew up listening to them in high school. Sweet.

After a brief intermission that included fantastic people-watching, complete with a girl crying while drinking a beer, the Wailers' huge band hit the stage. Once again the smell of marijuana rose in the air as sweet songs of the islands filled the room. "How ya feelin?" they asked. "We are the Wailers and we're forever Rastafari," they yelled out as the crowd went crazy. Performing songs like, "Zion Train," "Coming in From the Cold," and the massive crowd pleaser, "Could You Be Loved," the audience loved every note. Teasing the crowd, they acted like the show was over but of course, there were so many more songs to play, you just knew they were coming back out.

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