Jeffrey Ross, Roastmaster General: "Charlie Sheen's Got Super Thick Skin"

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Jeffrey Ross is best known as a shit talker. A master roaster, if you will. Rather, "The Roastmaster General." With a hilarious book under his belt, "I Only Roast the Ones I Love: Busting Balls Without Burning Bridges," Jeff is all that and then some. With upcoming projects like a movie starring Robert De Niro and a pilot in the works for Comedy Central, Jeffrey Ross is just getting warmed up. Scary, isn't it? Give yourself an early Hanukkah gift this year (even if you aren't a Jew) and see him grace the stage at the Brea Improv this weekend. But trust us, no one is safe.

I just watched your movie Patriot Act recently and I apologize I took so long to see it. It was amazing. I don't know how I missed it.

Oh wow! Well thank you so much and I appreciate you watching it! It was sort of an underground thing. It wasn't something I made on purpose. I made sort of an accidental film by going on a trip and seeing things I wouldn't be able to describe. I just started rolling.

I also caught you on Rocco's Dinner Party ...

Oh my god! You really did your homework!

No! I'm a big fan and I happen to be a big fan of Rocco DiSpirito's hot ass too!!

Yeah, he's pretty handsome.

Really though, did you want to make out with him at any point?

No. [Laughs.] No I didn't want to make out with him but he's great. A lot of respect.

Alright, agree to disagree. So was the food really that great because you were on the under 350 calorie episode.

Umm you know, the low calorie thing kind of threw me. I'm not going to lie, I did have to go out and eat afterwards. You know I was eating pasta 45 minutes later. [Laughs.] She did a good job with the Matzo Brei though. I was impressed. That's an acquired delicacy and she did a good job with that one.

Let's get into the roasting because you do it so well. My favorite roast was Flavor Flav. Maybe because I love racial humor.

[Laughs.] A lot of people say that was their favorite! That's a good one. It was a good moment.

Has there been anyone who's been real a-hole afterwards?

You know, I've been very lucky. I remember I took a shot at LaToya Jackson once and she was not happy. But that wasn't an official roast. I feel like I've been lucky as far as official attendees of a roast. I've been careful to go after only good sports.

I feel like, you should know what you're in for!

You would think! Do you think you could handle it?

Yeah I think not. There are a handful of all things I've done in my life that I wouldn't want brought back up! Charlie Sheen's roast was also brilliant but I was wondering, is material written for the performers that aren't comics? I mean, no way is that Grey's Anatomy chick is funny on the regular.

Well, people get help. It's a very carefully produced show so if someone needs help, advice, or wants to collaborate, we help. Not everyone can kill. You know, it's very competitive in a way because everyone wants to do better than the person before them.

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