Five Of Van Halen's Not-So-Memorable Moments Since 1996

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The new new new Van Halen
As we posted yesterday, Van Halen is going to be touring in 2012, with tickets going on sale Jan. 10. The mysterious announcement didn't say when and where they'll be touring, but this is just the latest in a string of odd behavior from Van Halen since they fired Sammy Hagar (the first time) back in 1996.

Though there are many, here's a top five list of the odd (and sometimes irrational) behavior the legendary band has exhibited over the past 15 years.

Honorable Mention: The ill-fated 2004 'Reunion' with Hagar:

Van Hagar Reunited
If you've read Hagar's well-received autobiography, you know that this tour started off with the best of intentions but ended up, like most things the band has done in the past decade and a half, in shambles. As has been documented, Eddie Van Halen's drinking was out of control and the band's ill-received and lackluster performances spelled the end of Hagar's relationship with the brothers Van Halen.

5. Auditioning Mitch Malloy to replace Hagar:
Who? Exactly. Unless you are a diehard music or Van Halen fan, you'd be shocked to know that there was a singer in between Hagar on the next person on this list.

4. Hiring and releasing an album with Gary Cherone:
Lead singer three with Van Halen
There was nothing wrong with the band soldiering on with a new singer after Hagar was canned. However, the former Extreme frontman sounded out of place on Van Halen III. Oh, and the album was terrible. Thankfully that error--er, era--last only three years before Cherone was gracefully shown the door.

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