PS Vita's Six Most Glaring Flaws (So Far)

I can't wait to buy the PlayStation Vita. Considering how much mileage I got out of Sony's previous handheld, the PSP, it's a no-brainer that the Vita will be of great use to gamers on the go like me. The device can play games that look almost as good as the PlayStation 3, and compared to Nintendo's 3DS, the Vita looks like a sophisticated piece of technology more than a toy.

However, a lot of the shine and glamor of the PS Vita has faded away since its official announcement in January 2011. Many of the cool bells and whistles promised on the device quickly became overshadowed by many disappointing features of the portable, and now it seems the PS Vita has an uphill battle ahead of itself to make gaming fans happy. Sure, the device houses amazing technology and will look amazing, but there are so many glaring issues tied to the portable gaming device. Here are six of the most noticeable flaws that should give gamers concern.

1. PS Vita's Memory Card Prices Are Really Expensive

PS Vita memory GS.JPG

Do you think the $299 price tag of a 3G-enabled PS Vita is expensive? Well, you also have to factor in the cost of getting a memory card for the portable, too. You'll need to get one in order to save your games on the thing. According to, the prices for these proprietary memory cards are anything but affordable. Here's what you'll have to factor into the cost of the overall package:

$30 for 4GB, $45 for 8GB, $70 for 16GB, and $120 for 32GB

Nintendo's 3DS uses the industry-standard SD cards, which are relatively affordable these days (32 GB cards go for less than $50). A $250-$300 portable gaming console is going to be a tough sell in this day and age, considering that they're competing with Apple and the popularity of gaming on smartphones lately. And that's $250-$300 before these "hidden costs" of mandatory memory cards.

2. Short Battery Life, Worse Than the 3DS'


The battery life for handheld gaming devices these days are horrible. The 3DS' 3-5 hour battery life appalled gamers when it was first announced. With PS Vita's longer list of features and bigger screen, expect much less.

A Japanese press release by Sony quantified the the Vita's built-in 2200mA Li-ion battery life: approximately "3~5 hours" for games, approximately "5 hours" for video, and approximately 9 hours for music "in stand-by mode." That means with the Bluetooth turned off, using headphones instead of speakers, using the default screen brightness setting, and turning off all network-enabled gaming features by disabling 3G or WiFi. With some or all of these modifiers in use, who knows how long the PS Vita will survive between charges.

3. PSOne Classics and other Game Archives won't work on Vita at Launch


If you play PSOne classic games on your PSP, you're in for a big disappointment. According to the Japanese Vita FAQ, game archive games (such as the PSOne classics) will not be compatible with the Vita at launch. "Plans for future measures will be announced shortly," says the translated Vita FAQ.

Considering how powerful the Vita will be, this is definitely not a technical issue. It's most likely a licensing issue, or Sony's still trying to figure out how to combine the existing PlayStation store with the smaller PlayStation Suite of the store, which offers a smaller and slightly different selection of PSOne games. Either that, or they're going to pull a Nintendo on all of us and convince us poor fools to buy the same games over and over again.

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Bby Twitty
Bby Twitty

I'm kinda disappointed with the PS vita. I've tried playing it (a Japanese  version bought by my friend) and seriously, my main gripes are:1- The screen is TOO dim, even at maximum brightness.2- The built-in internet browser is like a dinosaur version of web browsers.Its' slowwwwwwwwwwwww and renders webpages like its 2001... OMG faintzzz..Makes you wonder why they come out with a 3G version since its web browser sucks so much.3- It's too clunky, The whole industrial design, look & feel of the PS VITA is UGLY,and The only good games on the VITA which are worth the prices are from Capcom. The rest are just the same old OVERPRICED boring craps...

When PSP first came out in 2004, it was like the best designed device of the decade, turningheads everywhere.BUT with the PS VITA, the aura is just NOT there. NOBDOY cares when i was playing it in public places. It's has got no break-through feel to it.


I have nothing against Sony, but I fail to see the logic behind releasing a device like this in the current economic/tech climate. The 3DS survives because its main audience is under 18. I just don't know how many adults over 18 have the desire (or disposable income) to own a $300 gaming-only device that plays $40 games. The PSP--while by no means a "failure"--didn't exactly light the world on fire, and it had almost no smartphone competition 8 years ago. I'm not saying it won't have a niche audience, but I wonder if this risk will pay off for Sony, especially in light of the $2 billion loss they just posted this quarter.

Order Taking Service
Order Taking Service

Great gadget. The main thing I like is the remote  access in PSvita . This will be the hot gadget of the year 2012 and best for the Christmas and new year presents.


>Expensive Memory CardsPredictable. Expecting a price drop on the next 6 months (or alternatives)

>Short Battery LifeSame as PSP. Not a problem here.

>PS1 and other game archives not working at launch.But they will work later. Not a problem.

>Passport program does not support all the gamesPredictable - as - fuck. In fact, i'm surprised there is 3rd party games on that list. I was expecting SCE games only.

>No Simultaneous Web Browsing and GamingAnd let's be fair. It's quite a pain in the ass switching from game to web browser and viceversa. Not a problem here.

>Only 1 PSN account per consoleBullcrap. Sony announced PSV can support more than 2 PSN account on 1 PS Vita

Harry Flynn
Harry Flynn

having no memory out of the box is really stupid move by Sony by today's standard!!!!

i have a Samsung Galaxy S2 dualcore processor with 16GB of memory card & 1 GB of RAM built in at CAD $600.00. By next year it will be Quad Core like the PSVita probablly at the same price.

 So a $250.00 to $300.00 Quad Core Vita plus $ 70.00 16GB will set us back $320.00 - $370.00.

A 3DS at $170.00 plus $20.00 Circle Pad Add On plus $20.00 =  around $210.00

A 160 GB PS3 is now CAD$250.00 with a game or two

hmmnn.... I will stick with my 250GB PS3 and Galaxy S2 for a long while


I'm only concerned with the battery life and simultaneous gameplay with web browsing. 3-5 hours is a huge difference, I'd be happy with almost 4 hours brightness turned up to the max, full blast volume,wifi and Bluetooth. if we can make instant saves wherever we want, not separate games saving systems, then i'd be cool with leaving a game to browse the web. Hopefully, battery life and web browsing can be improved with OS updates. I don't want to play ps1 games, I'll be the only person playing my vita, and I have already played most of the psp games I'd care for, and still have one anyways.

Marshall Lawless
Marshall Lawless

90% of these complaints are just silly. What? You can't play games AND surf the internet at once? It's not a smartphone. Huh? You can only have one account per device? Umm... can someone tell me what the big deal is? I don't know anyone with multiple accounts, even on different devices. And the memory cards cost a lot? That's not a flaw with the system, it's a flaw with Sony; also, you can buy cheaper memory cards by waiting a little, buying a used one off the internet, or getting a 3rd-party card.

Sony isn't required to make their systems backwards-compatible, just so you know. They don't HAVE to give us an offer at all! We're lucky enough to be getting even this!PS: The battery for the 3DS actually lasts sometime between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, so 3-5 hours of gaming is pretty good.


first time visitor of this shitty website, and like you know I dont like it at all. FUCK IT MAN JUST FUCK ITTTT. This guys ting is a problems. All hoods come together and get this guy down in his fuckin knees. SHITTY FUCKA MOTHERFUCKKK


seriously dude for one ps one games are dated hell it dont matter if they dont play on vita, secondly web browsing while playing games really you moaning about that get real, use your smart phone if u need browser that bad its a console for games things like twitter 4square facebook those are just bonuses. The last time I checked the DS is one per account, the psp is oone per account so really why moan..

As for UMD the reason most games are not coming to vita has nothing to do with sony but third party developers if it was uppto sony all the psp games would come to vita

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