"Nigga in Paris": Jay-Z and Kanye Set a New Record, Which We Pretty Much Predicted

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Sayre Berman
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When we heard Jay-Z and Kanye West were playing the song "Niggas in Paris" multiple times during their Watch The Throne tour, we scratched out some highly scientific tabulations and calculated they would perform it 13 times in L.A.

Here's how it all began. On the tour's first night in Atlanta, they played the song three times. By the time they reached Detroit on November 26th, they ran that shit back seven times. We made our initial projection.

Yet as empirical evidence accumulated, we doubted our findings. Over the course of a grueling week and a half, LA Weekly music editor Ben Westhoff pounded out a new formula. Finally, he smiled victoriously. "Six point five times," he proclaimed.

At Sunday night's concert, the first of their three L.A. dates, Westhoff's work was not in vain. Jay-N-Ye performed the song -- produced by L.A.'s own Hit Boy, who was in attendance -- seven times.

But they still had two more shows to go.

Monday night, they upped the count to nine times. New record.

But they still had one more show to go.

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