Korn's Jonathan Davis Says Obama Is an "Illuminati Puppet"

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Jonathan Davis, lead singer of Korn, says he feels Barack Obama has "basically dragged this country down into the worst it's ever been," and calls the president an "Illuminati puppet."

The nu-metal band, who played Los Angeles last night, released their latest, a "dubstep" album, The Path of Totality, Monday (Davis told Billboard Korn was "dubstep before there was dubstep").

Featuring production by the genre's boy wonder, Skrillex, the record includes the song "Illuminati." The track puts forth the conspiracy theory that Obama's decisions are dictated by a secret society called the Illuminati, which Davis says he's studied.

As Davis told Billboard, "I feel like Obama's an Illuminati puppet. He's basically dragged this country down into the worst it's ever been. Like I say about the White House, 'You've built this house of shame.' Everybody looked up at the White House and America and now I think it's like a house of shame. I miss the old days when people were proud to be American."

Supposedly, the Illuminati is an organization believed to engineer events and direct world affairs through governments and corporations with the aim of establishing a New World Order. Numerous musicians and actors, like Jay-Z and Will Smith, are rumored to be affiliated with the society.


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