Jane Birkin at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex Last Saturday Night

Chris Molina
Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin
Luckman Fine Arts
Dec. 3, 2011

The original sixties wild child Jane Birkin graced Los Angeles last Saturday night for the first time in almost a decade. Aside from being the quintessential image of 1960s French mod style, Birkin is most famous for her love affair with French icon Serge Gainsbourg. Birkin and Gainsbourg's relationship lasted for over a decade, which spawned years of creativity and great music. Birkin's performance focused on the songs she and Gainsbourg created together and drew fans from all over to the Luckman Fine Arts Complex on California State University Los Angeles' campus.

As soon as the fashion princess walked on stage, everyone in the 1,152-seat theater broke out into thunderous applause. The smile that came over Birkin was from ear to ear, showing her bright energy and gentle heart. Opening with a song written by Gainsbourg, "Requiem Pour Un Con," the silence that fell over the crowd was one of awe.

Chris Molina
Jane Birkin

Singing every song in French, Birkin's beautiful voice and charm captivated the audience. At the end of every song Birkin engaged with the crowd, giving the history of the music she performed and what it meant to her and Gainsbourg. It was clear by the intimate stories and kind words she shared with the crowd that her love for Gainsbourg still runs very deep. The emotion and passion present in her angelic voice made it clear that the love the iconic couple shared was something extremely special.

Playing with a four piece Japanese ensemble, the best song of the set came when Birkin performed the song "Marilou Sous LA Neige," which was written by Gainsbourg. The simple guitar over the drums and beautiful lyrics sung in French made for an extremely catchy tune.

What was most impressive was how well Birkin moved around on stage. For a woman that is almost sixty-five years old, she moved about the stage as if she were thirty. Five or six songs into her lively set, Birkin stepped off stage and performed the song while walking, running and dancing around in the aisles of the theater.

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