Heard Mentality's Top Posts of 2011

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Laila Derakhshanian
Wow, 2011 sure went by fast. And while our most popular posts had all the elements that make up the Interwebz (cats, Kreayshawn and Lil Wayne all made the list) we found that our biggest hits are made up of solid news coverage. Read on to see our most popular posts of 2011!
10. Music Reviews of Selena Gomez and Ryan Adams
Lilledeshan Bose

Selena Gomez performed at the Pacific Amphitheater at the OC Fair this summer, and her slideshow easily averaged about 200,000 page views. Ryan Adams' San Diego stop didn't allow for photographers, but hand-drawn drawings led to a mention on Ryan Adam's Facebook page! 

9. Avenged Sevenfold Names Arin Ilejay as New Drummer
Huntington Beach-based Avenged Sevenfold suffered a loss in December 2009 when drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan passed away at age 28.

When Avenged Sevenfold named Arin Ilejay (formerly of defunct "metalcore" band Confide) as their newest member right before they went on tour with with Stonesour, Hollywood Undead and New Medicine, on the  "Nightmare After Christmas" tour, people were nostalgic for the Rev, but lauded the fact that the Huntington Band was moving on.

8. The History of 'Mahna Mahna': From a Swedish Sex Film Soundtrack to the Muppets and Beyond!

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