Drake Sings Karaoke Version of 'What's My Name' ... with a Fan!

Categories: WTF
Oh yeah, Hollywood. While we get our Justin Bieber sightings and Kobe Bryant run-ins, we're still jaded Southern Californians. So it's really rare when we are taken off-guard by celebrities who deign to mingle with mere mortals, so to speak. Take this girl Dee, for example, who was singing karaoke at Hollywood's Saddle Ranch when R&B singer Drake joined her onstage.
As she told E!
"I was up there with the mike and the first beats of 'Only Girl in the World' started playing and I said, 'Stop the song! Does anyone here know how to do the Drake part of 'What's My Name'? So I was like, anyone? Anyone? Hello? And decided to just sing it by myself and then boom! Drake jumps up with his bodyguard behind him and was like, 'Wait, I thought I was going to do the song with you.'" 

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