Christina Pazsitzky Talks Sausages, Pooping, and How Gross It Is to Call Your Lover "Daddy"

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​Christina Pazsitzky is pure comedy: honesty and a lot of outspokenness. She's been on Chelsea Lately, has a hysterical podcast along with her husband Tom Segura, headlines comedy clubs nationwide, has a new comedy CD, and is on the upcoming Showtime special filmed in Amsterdam, Red Light Comedy. Tonight at the Brea Improv, she will be "Keepin' It Reality" along with her comic hubby, Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley with proceeds benefiting the "Spark of Love" Toy Drive. With so much going on with Christina Pazsitzky the question is, why would you miss seeing her live?

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Sum up your comedy style a few words ... just as a warning to my parents to not read the rest of this.

Christina Pazsitzky: That's the hardest question! What I try to do is just be honest. I don't try to shock or be edgy; I just say what's in my heart. I think that it's about yourself and telling the truth. I don't do impressions but I would just describe it as trying to be truthful and if it comes across as gross or crude, I hope people don't  judge. Hopefully people click into that.

It's quite a double standard with men and women, huh?

I think people have a problem with female comedians talking the way boys do. If I say something that a dude would say people will be like, "Whoa! She's so crude!" But really I'm just saying the same shit anyone else would. For some reason because it comes out of this body, people like to think of you as wild!

So who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

[Laughs.] Me? They'd have to get Burt Reynolds to play me! I don't know! What a good question! It's gotta be someone super bad ass like Kim Deal from the Pixies. Yeah, Kim Deal. Final answer.

And is it safe to say you have an obsession with hotdogs?

Ohh!! I'm so disgusting. I'm so lazy that I need the sausages now so I put them in the microwave. I don't give a shit if it explodes in there. The key is to cut them a little bit, just poke some holes in them. My favorite way is to boil them, old school. That's a good one.

I like to boil them, then drain the water and put them back in the pan on high to crisp up the outside. It's a two-parter.

That's an advanced move. You're not as lazy as I am, obviously. You have an appreciation. I love sausages. I feel like they are a class distinction food for me. Not everybody is down for sausage because it's all these nasty miscellaneous bits in a mysterious casing. You just have to eat it and not think about it. It's like a metaphor for life. It's just a bunch of nasty bits that you try to make delicious. 

You love "poo humor," which I can appreciate. Is that something that you were born into?

You know, I did some gigs in Afghanistan and you have to shit in a plastic bag and that's not even the worst part! You have to take that bag and throw it into a fire pit to burn it. Yeah, it's a severe game changer when you shit into a plastic bag. At my house I feel like shitting and sausages were the main topics. Maybe it's an immigrant thing because we're Hungarian and Indians and I feel like it's a low class subject, I don't know but I like it. At my house we still talk about poo-ing and we're really open, which I love. I can't imagine a life where you didn't discuss those things. It's like, you do it so frequently so why not talk about the stuff you do the most?

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