Bon Iver Now Has a Workout DVD (!)

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Chad Sengstock/OC Weekly
The Leader-Telegram reports that Bon Iver will be in a fitness DVD created by frontman Justin Vernon's personal trainer Jeff Rogers. The two apparently met years ago in a Wisconsin YMCA where Rogers found out Vernon suffered from sciatica (a numbing in the leg). The trainer showed the singer how to strengthen his lower back, and eventually taught the rest of the band as well. Rogers' newly released DVD "On the Road" features a Bon Iver song.

Vernon is quoted on Rogers' RogCity Fitness website, "To put it simply, without Jeff I could not have reconnected my body to my mind...I now have a personal relationship with fitness, and I have a deep personal need to keep it up and grow and sustain." Watch the trailer and Vernon's testimonial after the jump.

On the road DVD Trailer from Rogcity Fitness on Vimeo.

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