Aziz Ansari Recreates "Niggas in Paris" Using Emojis

Categories: LOL
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We're going a little Jay/'Ye crazy today, and why not? The Hublot-wearing, Maybach-wrecking duo hit L.A. this weekend for three sold-out shows. Turns out, we aren't the only ones.

Aziz Ansari, Parks and Recreation star and friend to the dynamic duo (he landed a spot in the "Otis" video), and friend Matthew Shawver decided to contribute to the mass hysteria the song "Niggas in Paris" has spawned. Not that Jigga and Yeezy are encouraging it or anything by playing it ad nauseam during their concerts.

Never fear. This ain't no remix. Instead, the boyz texted the song back and forth using Emojis.

Aziz Ansari's Tumblr


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