Our Top 5 Favorite Cartoon DJs, Including Skrillex In My Little Pony Form

My Little Pony's DJ Vinyl Scratch + Skrillex
When we were watching Futurama the other night, we fell in love with DJ Scratchmo, the robot DJ who dropped some rump-rattling beats for Bender and his ladybot. We then realized how many other shows we've seen have featured cartoon scratchers. Here are our top five favorite cartoon DJs. (List by Mary Carreon and Lainna Fader.)

5. DJ Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Why We Love Him: It's easy to love a DJ who worships beer and donuts and has over a hundred "D'OH!" remixes.

4. DJ Scratchmo, Futurama

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Why We Love Him: Scratchmo's debut was in the 6th episode of Season 3 titled "Bendless Love," an awesome episode in which Bender falls in love with busty fembot Angleyne who happens to be the ex-wife of Bender's double with a stylish metal goatee Flexo. Scratchmo DJed "Robot Nite" at The Hip Joint night club, where Bender--disguised as Flexo--tries to trick Angleyne into admitting she's still in love with her ex.

3. DJ Taz, Looney Tunes

Why We Love Him: Not only does Taz spin in a crazy tornado-like fashion everywhere he goes, but he also spins killer jams, too!

2. DJ Schroeder, Peanuts Gang

Why We Love Him: Known as the "Beethoven" of the Peanuts Gang, Schroeder has broadened his musical horizons. The cute little boy that used to swoon Lucy with classic Beethoven sonatas has stepped up his level of swag.

1. DJ Vinyl Scratch, My Little Pony

Why We Love Her: She looks suspiciously like Skrillex. The unicorn pony who spins in "Suited For Success," the 14th episode in the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic series was given the name "DJ Pon3" by her loving fans.

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